Kamagra Oral Jelly: no worries about what the experience will be

Kamagra Oral Jelly: no worries about what the experience will be

Today I began to think: I know a lot about erectile dysfunction treatments (probably too much), I know about the brands, the generics, the counterfeits, the generics. I know where to get them, how to get them. I know which Aussie online pharmacies to trust, and which Indian online pharmacies to avoid. I know how they work, how long they work for, why they work. I know which ones work for me, and which ones give me a headache.

But I’ve never really looked into what other people think. One of my favourite erectile dysfunction treatments, by far, is Kamagra oral jelly. It’s an Indian miracle. I like how it’s packaged, I like how it tastes. I like the discreetness, and I love how it works exactly the same as Viagra does. Most of all, I love the price (and ease of access) in Australia.

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So today I thought we should look at what other people think about Kamagra oral jelly – and I can let you know if I agree with them, or disagree, and why.

First of all, we have this review of Kamagra oral jelly from a fella in Western NSW:

“I live in a small farming town, the nearest doctor is a four hour drive away and we need to book two months in advance. I don’t really wanna talk to the doctor about my ED anyway. I was looking online and read about Kamagra jelly. I tried Viagra once about ten years ago but it was just too embarrassing keeping it in my medicine cabinet at home. I found an online store that delivered to me and put in my order, four days later a weeks supply of Kamagra was in my hands. I tried it then and there even though my misses was at work. It tasted pretty good, but I didn’t feel like I was taking medicine because it’s a jelly. Anyway it lasted about six hours, gave me a solid erection the entire time. I’m not sure if I’ll keep using it, because really it’s just as embarrassing. But I did like that feeling, it was very nostalgic.”

Ah, that feeling. That nostalgia of having a solid erection, like you were 16 again. It really makes you feel young, I totally understand. I understand Viagra might be a little embarrassing, but nobody knows what Kamagra oral jelly looks like. Honestly, it’s not that famous, it totally flies under the radar. Your wife won’t even know. Take it out of the box and tell her it’s a jelly multivitamin from your doctor, she’ll be none the wiser.

On to this fella from inner Melbourne:

“My mate bought back some Kamagra Oral Jelly from his Thailand trip. The first one I took was hectic. I was at the pub so it was really kind of awkward. But since then the packets have all been crap. They don’t do anything. Waste of time and money.”

See, that’s your problem with buying in the streets of Pattaya. Not only is it unsafe to bring back to Aus, the drug itself is unsafe – it could be a psychedelic, it could be meth, it could be slug killer. You never know what you’re going to get. They could be good, they could be bunk. It’s a flip of a coin. Do yourself a favour – throw that stuff in the trash, and buy a box from a reputable online pharmacy. You’ll thank me later.

2 Responses to “ “Kamagra Oral Jelly: no worries about what the experience will be”

  1. Samuel Rogers says:

    What is the typical age demographic for people to use the drug Kamagra, and how often does this medication need to be taken to for it to be effective for a typical user?

    • John Rogers says:

      Kamagra jelly is available for all ages. It is need to be taken only before sexual activity. It is not a daily use medication.

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