Cialis: Keeps your head in the game without a schedule

Cialis: Keeps your head in the game without a schedule

Everyone knows Impotence is an aging associated dysfunction: as men become older they frequently experience problems connected with erection and eventually become a Cialis, or similar ED drug, user.

Diabetes, atherosclerosis, and hypertension are all diseases related to aging and are all major factors that lead to emergence of Erectile Dysfunction in men

There is abundant evidence to support this fact: only in Australia more than 40% of male population suffers of some degree of Erectile Dysfunction and as a Keogh Institute for Medical Research, Western Australia, study explains the prevalence clearly increases with age.

Perhaps not everyone knows that a significant portion of the young male population experienced some kind of erectile dysfunction as well

A research conducted by an italian equipe published by The Journal of Sexual Medicine showed that 25% of all men under the age of 40 suffered from some kind of impotence disorder. Many researchers point to the fact that use of Cialis and others ED medications in younger population in increasing, but we must take in account that recreational Cialis and other ED drugs use is on the rise too among youngsters.

Nevertheless impotence, a medical conditions with psychological and physiological causes, can be a real problem even for people under 40, but being diagnosed could foreshadow a cardiovascular disease not properly recognized

There is consistent data that indicates that early onset of erectile dysfunction may be the first symptom of a CVD in young patients: in this respect outbreak of ED could provide a doctor the opportunity to uncover previously unknown cardiovascular risks and to adopt proper treatment thanks to early diagnosis. For that reason is especially important that a young man that feels necessary to take Cialis, Viagra or Levitra will talk to his doctor first, but researchers suggests otherwise. A study conducted by University of New South Wales, Sydney, showed that young homosexuals use Cialis and other ED drugs as recreational drugs often without prescription, namely they didn’t go to a doctor for medical examination.

Erectile dysfunction in young men

However, the fact remains that erectile dysfunction is often of prevalent psychological nature in young men

The role of anxiety in impairing the ability to get and maintain a satisfactory erection is of pivotal importance. This and the fact that the spreading of online pornography have portrayed a wrong picture of sexuality, exacerbating a sense of inadequacy of young men. Internet porn conveys an idea of “sex perfectionism” that influence young men attitudes toward sex. Anxiety about performance is highest especially under the age of 20 as pointed out by a research of National Centre in HIV Social Research of Sydney. It is precisely because of this sense of inadequacy that many young men use Cialis and other PDE5 inhibitors: to break the cycle of “not being good enough” in sexual situations.


It is interesting to note that, as stated in a research published by “International Urology and Nephrology” scientific journal in 2017, Tadalafil (active substance of Cialis) shows significantly improved psychological outcomes when compared with sildenafil (Viagra). Cialis differs from Viagra and Levitra for his longer duration of effects. While Viagra effects lasts for 4-5 hours, Cialis works for up to 36 hours and the side effects are essentially the same.

Probably this plays in favor of this drug when people choose which ED drug use for his treatment.

Another study published by Journal of Sexual Medicine in 2007 shows the Women prefers the use of tadalafil (Cialis) for their partner. They explain their choice because the longer duration of tadalafil allows to experience lesser pressure and a more relaxed and natural sexual experience.

In the end, reaching a purported normality is all that matters, also and especially under the covers with your partner.