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Erectile dysfunction is the elephant in the room for a lot of men over the age of 50. Let’s just go ahead and get that out in the open. For many men, this can be a devastating blow to both their confidence and overall lust for life. The adverse range of negative affects experienced by an erectile dysfunction sufferer can manifest themselves in many painful, often embarrassing ways. If a man is married, erectile dysfunction can be a fatal threat to the passion necessary to facilitate a healthy marriage. There are many important things that cannot take a back seat to erectile dysfunction, and your marriage is certainly one of them.

For many sufferers of moderate to severe erectile dysfunction, Viagra can be the wonder cure that many are dreaming of. Viagra increases virility, stamina and overall performance in the bedroom, and as we all know, performance is of vital importance in lovemaking. When the passion arises, you want to make sure that you are capable of rising to the challenge, and with Viagra, we are confident that the needs of both men and women will be fulfilled, and then some, in the satisfaction department.

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Men often realize, after experiencing the Viagra difference that their performance had been suffering for quite some time before succumbing to the darkness of erectile dysfunction. As men age, they tend to lose testosterone, which can adversely inhibit sexual performance for the aging gentleman. Viagra is a safe and healthy alternative to risky and invasive testosterone treatments, that are controversial and possibly dangerous. Viagra helps men and women regain that vital spark without dangerous testosterone gels and injections. Viagra helps you cut to the chase, regaining the vital spark of your sex life, which can affect so much more, in terms of your overall wellness.

The intimacy shared between a man and a woman is something that many men would never dream of living without. In today’s modern world, some stark inevitabilities threaten our very way of life, but with Viagra, you can reclaim that one monumentally important aspect of your time on Earth, your sex life, or even your marriage. WIth Viagra, you never have to live in fear of low performance or impotency. With Viagra, the only things you have to look forward to are increased intimacy and a more loving relationship with your partner. Don’t let fear hold you back from a decision that could ultimately change the trajectory of your whole life and future. Viagra offers a ray of light to the men languishing in the darkness of erectile dysfunction. With Viagra, now men have hope for a better, more fulfilling love life.

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Viagra Professional is the name for a new formulation of the well known drug Sildenafil,, which is a tried and true treatment for erectile dysfunction. This drug was the first wide spread sexual dysfunction drug to be marketed and quickly became known by the nickname “little blue pill.” The drug manufacturer Pfizer revolutionized the treatment of erectile dysfunction with this drug, making it possible for a man to treat his condition with a drug that provided normal function on demand. The active ingredient, Sildenafil, works by increasing blood flow to the penis. The increased blood flow enables men with erectile dysfunction to achieve an erection and restores a man’s ability to engage in sexual intercourse, maintaining normal sexual relations and improving his quality of life.

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A normally functioning penis achieves erection by increasing the flow of blood into a structure known as the the Corpus Cavernosum and by reducing the blow flow out of the penis. With some forms of erectile dysfunction, the body’s ability to flow blood into the area is reduced and thus, the body is not able to create the pressure needed to achieve erection. Silenafil works by allowing better blood flow into the area, so that the Corpus Cavernosum engorges with blood, the tissue hardens and the penis is able to achieve a normally functioning erection that can be sustained through intercourse and ejaculation.

This new formula improves the original by increasing the period during which the drug is effective from four hours to between six and eight hours. Even more important is the increased dosage that Viagra Professional provides, since it is available in 100 mg and 50 mg dosages, as opposed to regular Viagra, which is available in 25 mg, 50 mg, and 100 mg. The stronger formulation provides the user with not only a longer lasting effect, but also a harder penis and better sexual stamina. Many users also report that Viagra Professional takes effect more quickly due to not only the increased dosage, but the improved formula’s faster absorption rate.

The added benefit is that the quicker action, the longer effect and the improved effectiveness of Viagra Professional will improve your confidence. The knowledge that this little blue pill will leave you with a longer window of effectiveness lets you start your encounter more relaxed, knowing that you have up to eight hours of active enhancement during which your ability to perform will be at its peak. No more worrying about timing or multiple encounters in Sydney, because Viagra Professional will stay with you for the whole evening.