What is Herpes Zoster: How to recognize and how to get cure

What is Herpes Zoster: How to recognize and how to get cure

When you hear of herpes zoster it may make you just freeze since it sounds like a sexually transmitted disease! Luckily, herpes zoster isn’t a sexually transmitted disease, but it is still something you should be aware of.  Herpes zoster is also known as shingles.  If you have had chicken pox in your lifetime, then there is a chance that you can get herpes zoster.

After you have chicken box, the virus lays dormant near the nervous system area of your body.  Researchers from Greece are not sure why some people have this virus awaken in their bodies.  When it is awaken, you will get a very itchy and painful rash on your body.  These usually occur along the torso area, but have been known to spread to other areas of your body.   It is important to get help immediately if you have herpes zoster because you can be contagious to those who haven’t had the chicken pox before.  Also, herpes zoster has been reported to cause deaths in older individuals.  In Australia in 2016, there was reported 27 deaths caused by herpes zoster. If you have this don’t take it lightly.

Because of the prevalence of herpes zoster, the government has created an immunization that you can take to help protect you. Unlike others, which medical professionals recommend getting at earlier ages, the herpes zoster vaccine is recommended for older individuals. Getting herpes zoster and getting severe complications rises more when a person gets older in age.

If you have herpes zoster, your doctor can prescribe you medicine that can help clear it up and elevate the pain. It is important to remember that herpes zoster may stay around for up to three months once you get it!   This is the worst complication you can get from herpes zoster.  A burning pain where the rash was located can be felt for months after you are feeling better.

If you have herpes zoster that is around your eye area, you will need to seek treatment immediately.  When the virus is along those nerves, it can cause permanent eye damage!  Another side effect of this horrible, itchy mess is that you can experience pain longer than what was stated above.  Some people with this virus claim to have pain and itching in that area for years after their herpes zoster is cleared up.

If you believe you have herpes zoster, seek medical advice immediately.  Especially if you are around children who haven’t had the chicken pox yet.  This virus is horrible for them, and it could cause serious side effects if you don’t get medicine to clear it up.


I’m struggling with a postherpetic neuralgia caused by a bad shingles that started three months ago. I’m 67 and i never experienced debilitating pain like this.

As i said three months ago I had a recurrence of herpes zoster. The illness struck the right side of my face, from the gengives to the eyes, with an impressive pain to trigeminal nerve. I cured this relapse with gabapentin, valaciclovir and hydrocodone acetamin to relieve the pain. I had the majority of blisters from lips to the right cheek, but pain spread to ear and my eye. After the disappearance of skin symptoms pain persisted and my doctor said that herpes zoster damaged a nerve.

Since then it was a terrifying ordeal. Throbbing pain in the right side of my face, difficulty speaking and even my facial expression has been compromised by the neural damage. I’m using a cream made of hot pepper that relieves some pain along with tegretol, the drug that has given me the most results. I feel drowsy most of the time and I stay often at home because of the dizziness and tiredness.

When this bad disease passes I will vaccinate myself against herpes zoster. Zostavax will reduce the chances of getting shingles and to develop postherpetic neuralgia. Had I been informed of this vaccine today I wouldn’t be fighting to heal from Herpes Zoster.

Oliver King