Viagra As A Treatment For ED In Australia

Viagra As A Treatment For ED In Australia

It has made my life so much better, because I am able to perform so well now

When FDA approved Viagra in 1997, few people had expected it to be such a huge commercial success. In only a few years, Viagra took over the medical world, entered the popular culture, from movies and songs to inevitable jokes. What used to be an embarrassing and rarely publicly discussed topic up to that point, erectile dysfunction became much more socially acceptable diagnosis thanks to Viagra and its popularity. At that time, Viagra became the first erectile dysfunction medication taken orally, further adding to its favorable status.

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Market competitors

Although hugely popular, Viagra is not the only erectile dysfunction treatment drug available on the market. Among competitors, Cialis is a drug that also enjoys worldwide acceptance. Comparing the two, the research shows that Cialis stays longer in the body system and also has a secondary benefit of treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia. While there is no quantified data to determine the final verdict, by virtue of the longer time on the market, Viagra is more popular and accepted by the general populace.

Who experiences ED

Erectile dysfunction is a common problem among men. According to Cleveland Clinic, 40% of males age 40 and younger experience various forms of erectile dysfunction, whether it is of a temporary of more permanent, chronic nature. The same study puts the number of men with same issue at the age of 70 to a significant 70%. The causes of erectile dysfunction can be either of psychological or medical nature. Nowadays, erectile dysfunction is well understood and different treatments for this problem are available.

Active ingredient

Sildenafil, the official medication name better known under brand name Viagra, acts on the medical causes of ED. Specifically, Viagra relaxes muscles in the blood vessels, which in turn increases the blood flow to different areas of the body. It is important to state that, like many other erectile dysfunction medicines, Viagra does not itself trigger an erection, but enhances blood flow to penis, and thus helps maintaining an erection. In other words, sexual stimulation is still necessary in order for Viagra to be effective.

Getting a prescription

One of the most popular characteristics of Viagra is that, in general, it is only to be taken when required. There is no prescribed regime of therapy over certain time interval. In most countries, Viagra is a prescription drug, and following the prescription directives in regards to the dosage and frequency should be followed. Viagra should be taken at no less than 30 minutes before the intercourse, but it is effective even if taken up to 4 hours before. Sildenafil (Viagra) is available in 25 mg, 50 mg and 100 mg pills. The most commonly used dosage is 50 mg, but many patients find it necessary to increase the dosage to the maximum of 100 mg, and some experiment with decreasing it to 25 mg. It is not recommended to take Viagra more than once a day, regardless of which pill size is taken.

Unlike many other medicines, it is not necessary to take the medication with food.

Are there side effects

Sildenafil has several well documented side effects that patients need to seriously consider when taking this medication. The side effects range from very common ones to the rarely reported ones. The most common side effects of Sildenafil include nausea, headache, abnormal and blurry vision, upset stomach, dizziness or muscle pain. In rare instances, patients reported temporary vision and hearing loss or an erection that lasts for several hours. This condition is called priapism, and it requires the patient to seek medical help immediately in this case – otherwise, permanent damage to penis tissue can occur.

Known conditions that don’t mix well

The most serious consideration to taking Viagra needs to be given to patients with high blood pressure or certain heart conditions since in rare cases the complications may include heart attack and death. Specifically, Viagra should not be taken by patients who are using other medicines to treat pulmonary hypertension or nitrates for heart condition treatment. Additionally, patients with chronic liver or kidney disease, abnormal blood pressure (both high and low) or blood cell disorder, should consult the doctor before taking Viagra. Drugs used for other treatment, such as some antibiotics, drugs used in treatment of HIV patients and anti-fungal medicines can adversely react with Viagra leading to a possible diminishing effect of the pill.

What are the risks

One of the most significant risks in recent years is availability of Viagra on the Internet, which sometime leads to distribution and consumption of counterfeit pills. While most common outcome in those cases is a medication that does not have any effect on the patient, caution should be exercised and some unknown side effects may arise.