How To Use Cialis Drug For Erectile Dysfunction

Cialis drug is more powerful than Viagra, because of prolonged erections that can last for 1-2 days. It is a selective inhibitor, which can be used to improve erection abilities in men. It comes in form of almond-shaped pills, and it works incredibly faster than other drugs. The pills are administered orally, and the dosage can be altered or prescribed by a doctor. However, the drug comes with a dosage instruction; usually pills come in 2.5 mg, 5 mg, 10 mg, or 20 mg. Sometimes, it is advisable to consult your doctor before starting to use the drug. The doctor can advise on the best ways to benefit from the drug, without adverse side effects.

The recommended dosage is usually 10mg for those starting to use Cialis. However, this is also the recommended dosing for most of the patients, and it is taken prior to sexual intercourse. Different individuals have different admissibility and efficiency towards Cialis. Therefore, the dosage can be reduced or increased according to the effects felt in the body. For instance, the dose can be increased from 10mg to 20mg, or reduced from 10mg to 5mg. For health reasons, the recommended dose is one pill per day in most patients. According to clinical studies, Cialis enhances erection 36 hours more than placebo. Therefore, it is advisable to follow strictly to the dosage instructions indicated or prescribed by your doctor.

Buy Generic Cialis tablets in Australia

Buy Generic Cialis tablets in Australia

The effect of Cialis does not occur automatically once you take the pill. After taking the recommended dose, the erection starts whenever you are ready to have sex. The need for sex triggers the drug to stimulate high blood flow into the penis. However, for once daily use, the recommended dose is 2.5mg. This should be strictly followed, ensuring that you take the drug exactly same time daily. Since effects of Cialis differ from one individual to the other, the dosage can be increased from 2.5mg to 5mg.

According to users’ reviews, aging men are the most users of cialis. This is because they are most likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction. However, this erectile dysfunction can affect individuals of all ages. Men who used this drug found it quite useful because the effects of one pill of 5mg could last for even 36 hours. Various patients use 5mg, 10mg, or 20mg depending on the effects one felt after the first dose. It is a good drug for erectile dysfunction, especially for the aging men. It helps in restoring your confidence in bed.

Possible Side Effects and Precautions When Using Cialis Drug

Like any other drug, cialis may cause various side effects. These include; breathing difficulties, hives, swelling of face, swelling of lips, and swelling of tongue or throat. Also, dizziness, chest pains, nausea, numbness, and pains on hands, arms, jaw, or neck can be felt during sexual intercourse. If you experience any of these symptoms, seek medical attention immediately.

It is advisable to inform your doctor about any allergies you have before using cialis. The inactive ingredients can cause acute symptoms, which may lead to health disorders or allergic reactions. Also, it is good to inform the doctor your medical history before using cialis. For instance, tell the doctor if you are under medication for heart disorders, kidney disorders, liver disorders, and high blood pressure among other chronic disorders.

Viagra Professional online

How to use Viagra

A Viagra Professional would suggest that the best thing to remember before using this product is how it works. Before opting to use Viagra, it is important to understand that it only works when you are sexually aroused. This is because Viagra by itself does not cause erection, it only supports by affecting blood circulation so as to maintain erection especially when one is sexually stimulated.


There are many theories on how to take Viagra. However, for information purposes Viagra should be taken an hour before any sexual activity. One doesn’t need to take Viagra in a rush since there is plenty of time. Viagra is usually prescribed at 100 mg and 50 mg Tablets; however, for 100mg the tablet will be split into two in order to get 50mg tablets. Some prefer to take it on an empty stomach before taking a meal for optimum performance.

Buy Viagra Professional online in Melbourne

Buy Viagra Professional online in Melbourne

Sometimes one is advised to take it 30 minutes to 4 hours before sexually activity if needed. When it comes to taking Viagra it can be taken with food or without food. The reason behind the existence of the debate on how one can take Viagra is because it varies on how long it starts to work on different men. However, it is worth stating that if one has had a high fat meal, chances are it may take long to start working. On the other hand, for most men Viagra works at the first time taken and for others it may work on the second time it is used. If one finds it not working it is important to try it again and if it persists consult a medical doctor or a Viagra Professional.

Side effects

Just like any other drugs, Viagra has its share of side effects. Some of the most reported side effects of Viagra include headache, high, or low blood pressure, flushing, coronary artery disease, dyspepsia, abnormal vision, congestive heart failure, and nasal congestion. However, Viagra is one of those effective medicines to treat erectile dysfunction, while side effects might occur, they rarely occur to the majority of users

How to buy Viagra in Australia

It is a proven fact that Viagra is the most popular drug in the history. This means that there is plenty of Generic and Brand medication out there in the market. Most men find it difficult to obtain a prescription for Viagra from a physician or Viagra Professional, so they decide to get the drug online. The best way to buy Viagra online is to look for Verified Internet Pharmacy. This way you will be guaranteed that the website that you are purchasing your drug from is secure and reliable. Furthermore, you will be able to get the right drug, be it generic or branded Viagra. Viagra professional will advise that always ensure that any Viagra that you buy online should be genuine, thus avoiding the chances of getting potentially Generic. Authentic Viagra on verified sites should cost no more than $25 per tablet. Always ensure that you pay for the pills and avoid sites that ask for membership fees.

All About Viagra Super Active

What is Viagra super active?

Viagra super active is a medication which as well as an improvement of the usual Viagra prescription. It a fourth generation of the well-known Viagra variety drug which is referred to as sildenafil. Its formula anyway is quite different from the very original version, but just to mention it is one of the drugs used to treat the sexual erectile dysfunction problem that faces a lot of people during sex intercourse. In simple terms, if you really wish to achieve your objective while having sex you can take Viagra super active prescription just before getting sex and you will get what you really want to achieve, in any kind of sexual activity you will indulge with. This medication and the formula it comes with has proven to be very helpful and perhaps dependable on while treating erectile dysfunctions.

It has a lot of differences compared to the ordinary Viagra tablets, one of the comparison in which it differs is that it really looks very different from the usual tablets which are hard, It is of course a sildenafil drug in comparison if I may mention. When someone takes it, immediately it gets in your blood streams taking effect promptly as you purport. It more faster, effective and efficient to count on than the other Viagra tablets, thus its natural output has made it to be grouped as the most perhaps the fastest way to expect outputs even faster than any other way. Although, you should note that it is advisable to take the tab just an hour before the time you want to get into sexual intercourse.

Buying it in Australia

You can order it from an online shop which is within your locality and get it just after sometime according to the agreements you make with the online sellers.

Buy Viagra super active online

Buy Viagra super active online

The following are the side effects of Viagra super active.

This medication has quite a number of notable side effects much of which should be reported to a physician while noticed or a nearby doctor. They include

-Some notable allergic reactions on the skin like rashes, hives or kind of inching, some notable swelling on the face, tongue or on the lips.

-You may experience some breathing problems in case you take if you haven’t before.

-In other cases some people experience difficulties in hearing or such related hearing problems.

-In other cases as statistics indicates they perceive problems related to severe changes in vision, some get blurred vision, others also might face difficulties in differentiating green color from blue color.

-Chest severe pains.

-Fast and irregular such heartbeats at times.

-Some men may experience very long and quite painful erections which last for more than four hours.

-In some individuals there is notable seizures which comes on and quite irritating.

The following are some side effects that do not require medication but should be watched over if prolonged.


-Runny or stuffy nose




In any way the side effects related to this medication can’t be described on the above list. It is therefore advisable to contact your doctor when you experience any side effects as such related for proper medication and monitoring.


You can take a tab or so just like the other viagra version a day before you have sex. Do not take more than that on one day.

Cialis online

Cialis is used to treat erectile dysfunction (or impotence) and benign prostatic hypertrophy (or enlarged prostate).

Cialis is taken once per day just before engaging in sexual activity. Follow the instructions on the package carefully. Do not exceed your recommended dosage. Do not split the pill, Cialis is intended to be taken whole.

If you are taking other medications for erectile dysfunction, consult your physician before attempting to take Cialis.

Using Cialis is not advised if you are allergic to tadalafil, the medication’s principal component.


Buy Cialis

Buy Cialis

Do not take Cialis if you are also using a nitrate drug (including nitroglycerin, isosorbide dinitrate, and isosorbide mononitrate) for heart problems, such as chest pain, irregular heartbeat, or past heart attacks.

Before taking Cialis, consult your physician if you are already afflicted with the following: recent history of strokes, heart attacks, or congestive heart failure, irregular heartbeats, chest pain, hypertension (high blood pressure), hypotension (low blood pressure), liver disease, kidney disease (particularly if you are on dialysis), blood cell disorders (including sickle cell anemia, multiple myeloma, and leukemia), stomach ulcers, bleeding disorders (such as hemophilia), penis deformities (such as Peyronie’s disease), retinitis pigmentosa (a genetically inherited condition of the eye), or have been told not to engage in sexual intercourse due to health reasons.

Taking Cialis alongside recreational “poppers”, such as amyl nitrate or nitrite is extremely dangerous and can cause life threatening decreases in blood pressure.

Consult your physician or an emergency room immediately if you experience a painful erection or an erection lasting more than four hours. This can damage the penis.

Consult your physician or an emergency room immediately if you experience sudden vision loss.

Consult your physician immediately if you experience the following during sexual intercourse after taking Cialis: dizziness, nausea, or pain, numbness, and/or tingling in the jaw, chest, arms, or neck. This could be a sign of a serious side effect.

Drinking excess amounts of alcohol is not recommended while taking Cialis.

Grapefruit and grapefruit juice might interact with Cialis and cause unwanted side effects.

Hives, rashes, difficulty breathing, and swelling of the face, tongue, throat, or lips might be a sign of an allergic reaction. Consult a physician or seek emergency treatment immediately if you experience these symptoms.

Cialis is not a means of birth control. It does not prevent against sexually transmitted diseases. It does not increase sexual desire.”

Buy Viagra professional

The following are some useful insights about Viagra professional:

Viagra professional is a medication which is used by men with erectile dysfunction and by those men who want to last for a long period of time during sexual intercourse. It gives extra strength to men during sexual activity.

How to use it
Viagra professional should be taken about an hour before actual sexual activity whether a man has taken a meal or not. This may however differ on different men depending on how it works for them.

People should understand that it is not like a routine medication for taking anyhow. It should only be used when needed. It is advisable to not take more than one dose in any given day.

Viagra Professional in Australia

Buy Viagra Professional online

Buy Viagra Professional online

How to store it
It should be well kept in a place at room temperature.

Its side effects
Given below are the side effects associated with Viagra professional:
– Rashes or skin itching
– Severe headache
– Having blurred visions
– Dizziness which last long
– Pain in the chest
– Congestion in the nasal passage
– Painful erection taking more than four hours
– Diarrhea
The above are some of the notable side effects which if noticed immediate attention should be sought from the doctor and the affected person should stop taking it forthwith.

The price online
The prices of the medication can be found online and ordered from trusted medical practitioners in Australia. Their are prices for 100mg dosage and 50mg dosage as analyzed on online men’s health store. For example the price of 20 pills of 50mg is $ 30.68 while the same number of pills cost $ 80.52 as shown on the site.
There are many sites online where one can get to buy the Viagra professional.

Precautions of its usage

A Viagra professional should not be used by a person if:
– A person uses poppers a kind of recreational drugs e.g butyl nitrate.
– An individual is taking nitrates e.g nitroglycerin in forms such as patch or tablets.
– A person is allergic to any form of ingredient in Viagra professional.
– Their is given medical advice to a person by a doctor to avoid any sexual activity because of heart problems in the person.

Other important information on Viagra professional

– The elderly should use it with caution for it may have mild side effects on them .
– Safe use on children is not recommended and has not been confirmed either.
– It is also not approved to be used on women.
– It cannot stop the spread of sexually transmitted diseases
– Does not stop pregnancy.
– While taking Viagra professional one is advised to not take any other medicines for erectile dysfunction.

In conclusion Viagra professional improves the sexual performance of men with erectile dysfunction if the necessary precautions are adhered to and is not abused in any way.