Ajanta Kamagra Oral Jelly: review, side effects

Kamagra oral jelly is a product that is very similar to Viagra. It has the same active ingredient as Viagra, but is a lot more affordable. The ingredient that is in both of these products is sildenafil citrate. The product Kamagra oral jelly is used by men who suffer from penile erectile dysfunction. If you are a man who suffers from this very common condition, you might want to consider using this product. It is also the superior choice to Viagra because of its affordability. Men of all ages can use this product; it is not limited to use only by older males. You should also not feel embarrassed or ashamed for considering the use of Kamagra oral jelly because penile erectile dysfunction is a very common condition that many males suffer from. Users should be aware of a few facts about this product. It has not been FDA approved, so there may be some differences from Viagra. An example of this is that the potency could possibly be less than that of Viagra. It could potentially also not have the same good quality as Viagra. However, you should still consider giving Kamagra oral jelly a try if you cannot afford to keep buying Viagra. Many men have said that it is comparable to Viagra. If you are a male who is looking into buying this product, it is very easy to find online. Just search for it on your favorite search engine to find a retailer that will ship it to your location. Unlike Viagra, it is not known to use this product for another condition which is high blood pressure in the lungs, also known as pulmonary hypertension.

Side effects

Similarly to Viagra, Kamagra oral jelly has a few negative side effects. While these side effects are pretty uncommon, you should still be aware that it is a possibility to get them from using this drug. One side effect that these two products have in common is a prolonged erection, also known as priapism. This condition is cause to alert a healthcare professional because it can lead to serious and long lasting damage to the penis. Be sure to be aware if this side effect happens to you while you are taking this drug. Other side effects that you can potentially contract from use of this product include headaches and loss of vision, which are also side effects that Kamagra oral jelly has in common with Viagra. Also be sure before you use Kamagra that you do not have any known allergies to any of the ingredients in the product. You should also be aware of the signs of an allergic reaction in case you were to have a reaction to taking this drug. Signs can include a rash, itching, or a difficulty breathing. If you are concerned that you may be someone who could experience any of these negative side effects to Kamagra oral jelly, you should consider consulting your physician or a healthcare professional before using this product for the first time.

Overall, Kamagra oral jelly is a great product and it really has the potential to help you if you are a male who suffers from penile erectile dysfunction. If you are in this category of men, consider this product if you cannot afford Viagra.

Viagra review from patients

“That love pill, the blue one, took me to the clouds”


This is how Carlos sums up his first experience with Viagra. He did not need it, he is 18 years old, but he did it motivated by his friends who told him how good he feels and how pleasant it is for the girls.

The young man says that night was the first of many; I was in a rumba and, between flirting and flirting, the moment occurred. “I stayed very well and I stayed like a prince with the girl, but I felt very comfortable with the heat on my face and my heart was pounding with the quick thought that I felt rumbling in my head”.

This use is not new. This is stated by the urologist Roberto Iván Giraldo, who warns young people about the drug’s use. “They do not need it, because of their age, they do not suffer from erectile dysfunction and they do not have an obvious comorbidity that prevents them from having a pleasurable erection”.

Comorbidity refers to diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, coronary problems, hypercholesterolemia and neuropathies that do affect sexual performance.

Also, he explains, it does not generate any benefit, and its erection, in itself is already good. “The drug is excellent for people over 50 who suffer from a degree of erectile dysfunction.

About the effects, much is said. Apart from prolonging the erection, vasoactive agents such as Viagra or its generics produce increased nasal congestion, headache, blurred vision, redness of the face and other unnecessary adverse reactions in adolescents.

However, there is a percentage of people with these drugs may suffer from priapism, ie a sustained and painful erection, and others, especially in black men, may suffer damage to their red blood cells.

Although the effect of the pill in the first phase, according to patients, is very good, the urologist Giraldo says that as the distention of the corpora cavernosa increases in the penis, there comes a time when there is so much blood that the albumin compresses the arterial blood supply and there may be oxygenation disorders, fibrosis and even necrosis.

The treatment, according to Giraldo, is based on injections to tear down priapism, including drainage surgeries to remove the clots that remain inside, and as a result, almost all are left with large losses of erection. “In conclusion, they go from having everything to having nothing.

master in sexual therapy and teacher at the University of Caldas, ensures that the use of these oral vasodilators in young people may be motivated by that desire for experiences and feel new things. However, it clarifies that it can happen that anxiety about sexual performance generates a vasoconstriction process that prevents them from achieving erections or when they already have it, they lose it due to anxiety and anguish.

“It is in these cases that they go to Viagra and, although it sometimes works and regains confidence, this can generate dependency, because they will be requiring the medication for a good operation.”

For Arcila there are other boys who do not even take these pills get erections, which causes them discomfort, insecurity and sometimes come to feel so bad that they consider to take their own lives. “A young man comments that if he is not going to be able to function as a man, what is the meaning of life?”

Cialis review: erectile dysfunction treatment

Cialis review: erectile dysfunction treatment

Is Cialis right for you? Have you experienced discomfort because of embarrassing problems in the bedroom? Have you felt like your ED was getting in the way of your happiness? Are you willing to take action? If you answered yes to these questions, then read on and find out if Cialis is right for you.

Cialis can be used to treat erectile dysfunction, enlarged prostate and high blood pressure in the lungs. The main chemical in Cialis is a chemical called Tadalafil which inhibits PDE5 causing vasodilation which in turn allows more blood to pump into your penis. The chemical allows for longer lasting erections. Consult with a doctor or a trained medical professional to find out which dosage will work best for you if you are interested. Cialis tablets come in a multitude of dosages. These dosages include 2.5 mgs, 5 mg, 10 mg, and 20 mg doses. The tablet themselves are yellow, film-coated, and shaped like an oval or an almond. They often have the letter C engraved into the tablet as well.

Buy Cialis online

Buy Cialis online

Before you run off to get Cialis, you should be aware that there in some rare cases, some people experience side effects while taking Cialis. The most common of these side effects include a runny nose, a stuffy nose, flushing, acid reflux, muscle pain, back pain, burping, indigestion, stomach discomfort or pain and headaches. These side effects can all be traced back to Cialis and its ability to cause vasodilation inside the body. Nearly all of the symptoms, if they do occur, will pass after a few hours from taking the drug. Back pain and muscle pain can occur 12 to 24 hours after taking the drug, and the symptoms usually dissipate after 48 hours. If you experience an erection lasting for more than four hours you should call a doctor. The two more serious side effects, the two side effects that are extremely rare, are loss of vision and sudden hearing loss. Sudden vision loss is related to non-arteritic anterior ischemic optic neuropathy, and the people who experienced this had risk factors for the disease before taking Cialis. If you experience any of these side effects you should immediately consult with your doctor for proper medical advice. If overdose of Cialis occurs please consult with a doctor immediately. Overdose on Cialis is rare and hard to do.

Since Cialis can cause low blood pressure for a small amount of time, some drugs should not be used while taking Cialis. First on the list is the party drug “poppers”. Taking “poppers” within the 48 hours of taking cialis may increase the risk of life threatening hypotension. Any drugs that are used to treat chest pain or angina (such as nitroglycerin) should be avoided at all costs. You should consult with your doctor before taking any sort of alpha beta blocker. Anti-fungal medication has been known to impede the effectiveness of Cialis. HIV protease inhibitors can also affect how Cialis works. If you are already taking medication for ED, such as Viagra, do not take Cialis under any cost. Remember, Cialis is best kept in a cool, temperature control environment. Talk to your doctor today to see if Cialis is right for you!

Viagra Super active review

Viagra Super active review

Viagra Super active reviewViagra Super active is simply a fantastic drug that is used to treat ED symptoms in most men. This medicine allows you to take your life and sexual health back in a very simple and effective manner. If you take it about 60 minutes or so before sexual intercourse, you certainly will feel the power of your youth unleashed as your penis will get erect and stay that for way for sometime. This doesn’t on its own give you an erection – something commonly thought, but what it does is increase blood flow to that region when you are sexual stimulated in a way you probably aren’t used to these days. This will give you a strong sense of purpose and youth once again that will leave you glad that you made this choice. Men in Australia finally have a good fox for this longstanding and annoying problem that is life-altering.

The medicine is widely available across most pharmacy’s on and offline so it should not be hard to find. Be sure to check with the source of your pills as there have been known to be frauds out there and you want to be sure that you are indeed getting the right medicine to help you with your problems. It varies widely in price because it all deepens on your medical insurance does and does not cover as a whole. The medicine is generally considered affordable though, making this a great choice. This is a fantastic drug that will certainly fix your issues right away, but like all medicines, there are warnings and risk factors, so be alert to these what what they are. This is not a comprehensive list.

Make sure you are healthy enough for sexual intercourse because if not, you aren’t healthy enough for this drug in all likelihood. if you have a history of heart problems you probably want to talk to your doctor. If you have any issues with your live or kidney function in the past, as these meds might not be for you as those conditions can counteract medicines taken for those conditions. Some men have reported issues with their vision including temporary and also permanent blindness, although this is very much rare, so be careful. if you eat a fattening meal, the medicine will take a bit longer to start working. If you take prescriptions for high blood pressure there is a strong caution because ED medication can lower your blood pressure to an unsafe level and this is a general thing to be aware of when it comes to taking these. Many men will have some nausea/stomach problems but you need to be careful as some men have gotten very sick while taking it. There have also been report of colors switching and the color blue and green as being hard to distinguish, also. As always with new medications, it is good to go over your full medical history with your doctor that way you can both make the best decisions together as to whether or not Viagra Super active is right for you as a whole. it has helped many men and has a great track record as a whole because it is safe and effective. You will be able to take back your full life with this great pill and will not be upset that you gave it a shot.