Viagra As A Treatment For ED In Australia

Viagra As A Treatment For ED In Australia

It has made my life so much better, because I am able to perform so well now

When FDA approved Viagra in 1997, few people had expected it to be such a huge commercial success. In only a few years, Viagra took over the medical world, entered the popular culture, from movies and songs to inevitable jokes. What used to be an embarrassing and rarely publicly discussed topic up to that point, erectile dysfunction became much more socially acceptable diagnosis thanks to Viagra and its popularity. At that time, Viagra became the first erectile dysfunction medication taken orally, further adding to its favorable status.

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Market competitors

Although hugely popular, Viagra is not the only erectile dysfunction treatment drug available on the market. Among competitors, Cialis is a drug that also enjoys worldwide acceptance. Comparing the two, the research shows that Cialis stays longer in the body system and also has a secondary benefit of treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia. While there is no quantified data to determine the final verdict, by virtue of the longer time on the market, Viagra is more popular and accepted by the general populace.

Who experiences ED

Erectile dysfunction is a common problem among men. According to Cleveland Clinic, 40% of males age 40 and younger experience various forms of erectile dysfunction, whether it is of a temporary of more permanent, chronic nature. The same study puts the number of men with same issue at the age of 70 to a significant 70%. The causes of erectile dysfunction can be either of psychological or medical nature. Nowadays, erectile dysfunction is well understood and different treatments for this problem are available.

Active ingredient

Sildenafil, the official medication name better known under brand name Viagra, acts on the medical causes of ED. Specifically, Viagra relaxes muscles in the blood vessels, which in turn increases the blood flow to different areas of the body. It is important to state that, like many other erectile dysfunction medicines, Viagra does not itself trigger an erection, but enhances blood flow to penis, and thus helps maintaining an erection. In other words, sexual stimulation is still necessary in order for Viagra to be effective.

Getting a prescription

One of the most popular characteristics of Viagra is that, in general, it is only to be taken when required. There is no prescribed regime of therapy over certain time interval. In most countries, Viagra is a prescription drug, and following the prescription directives in regards to the dosage and frequency should be followed. Viagra should be taken at no less than 30 minutes before the intercourse, but it is effective even if taken up to 4 hours before. Sildenafil (Viagra) is available in 25 mg, 50 mg and 100 mg pills. The most commonly used dosage is 50 mg, but many patients find it necessary to increase the dosage to the maximum of 100 mg, and some experiment with decreasing it to 25 mg. It is not recommended to take Viagra more than once a day, regardless of which pill size is taken.

Unlike many other medicines, it is not necessary to take the medication with food.

Are there side effects

Sildenafil has several well documented side effects that patients need to seriously consider when taking this medication. The side effects range from very common ones to the rarely reported ones. The most common side effects of Sildenafil include nausea, headache, abnormal and blurry vision, upset stomach, dizziness or muscle pain. In rare instances, patients reported temporary vision and hearing loss or an erection that lasts for several hours. This condition is called priapism, and it requires the patient to seek medical help immediately in this case – otherwise, permanent damage to penis tissue can occur.

Known conditions that don’t mix well

The most serious consideration to taking Viagra needs to be given to patients with high blood pressure or certain heart conditions since in rare cases the complications may include heart attack and death. Specifically, Viagra should not be taken by patients who are using other medicines to treat pulmonary hypertension or nitrates for heart condition treatment. Additionally, patients with chronic liver or kidney disease, abnormal blood pressure (both high and low) or blood cell disorder, should consult the doctor before taking Viagra. Drugs used for other treatment, such as some antibiotics, drugs used in treatment of HIV patients and anti-fungal medicines can adversely react with Viagra leading to a possible diminishing effect of the pill.

What are the risks

One of the most significant risks in recent years is availability of Viagra on the Internet, which sometime leads to distribution and consumption of counterfeit pills. While most common outcome in those cases is a medication that does not have any effect on the patient, caution should be exercised and some unknown side effects may arise.

Viagra in Australia: side effects, efficacy and purchase

Viagra in Australia: side effects, efficacy and purchase

Viagra: We give you the ups(and the downs) of this male enhancement drug

The 1 thing a man fears most

It’s hard to precisely say exactly why sexual impotence is one of the greatest fears for the male population in general. If it’s how it affects their self image or notion of self worth in an abstract sense, or the more practical fears of losing their partners, or of being talked about to others and then lose potential partners. Or maybe any of the many others questions and scenarios that come to one’s mind when we can not find our footing and are made to feel insecure. Still the fact remains that very few things can make a man react as immediately as a sign that something is wrong as questioning their sexual disposition.

Being well informed and aware about the solutions for it can help bring a huge piece of mind for people in this situation. Unfortunately this is not the case at all, even in the current year, where many people still suffer unnecessarily. It should be a more common knowledge how in the vast majority of cases the situation can be dealt with perfectly well and reinstate a condition in many ways indistinguishable from the life from before.

One first step, which is often overlooked, is to try and better understand the nature of the difficulty

The erection of the penis depends on a complex mechanism, and can be affected by things such as stress, the situations or manner in which one is expecting to have sex – as well as a thousand other intricacies from an even more complex mechanism, the human psyche. And even more casual and mundane factors can play a role, such as diets, habits as well as some underlying, deeper health problems one may not be aware of before he experiences this issue. In many of those cases, solving the problem from the root will cause an immediate, sensible difference, even without chemical intervention.

Viagra efficacy

Viagra efficacy

However, once the causes are found out to be inherently physical and requiring a medicine that can directly affect the situation, the first question on anyone’s mind would be if that can work at all. At this point, one must know that Viagra, the most popular medicine for erectile dysfunction, has an efficiency rate of 70%, if we exclude very specific cases, such as diabetes or patients with a history of prostate cancer. That is a very high number, and not often one can expect such optimistic results when taking a new medicine.

Side effects and safety

Another very common fear would be the memories about the wild side effects we all heard about on excessively cheeky news stories, or in the myriad of comic sketches circling around that type of situation. Those are at best anecdotal, as statistics, since those cases of men stuck with an erection for days were commonly the result of either overdosing on the substance, or taking it entirely outside of medical supervision, for people trying to use it for recreational purposes. So while it is absolutely undeniable that consulting your doctor and acting within their recommendation is absolutely necessary from a safety – and a legal – standpoint, once you act within those boundaries, Viagra mild side effects are already quite rare (such as indigestion, a runny nose, numbness of the limbs or dizziness) , and the less casual ones, although scary in nature, such as vision or hearing issues, or migraines, are so rare that they would fall as less of a risk than being on a car accident if you are a driver. Something fully within the range of a normal quality of life.

It is not hard to see, or to research deeper if you are so inclined, that, when dealing with erectile dysfunction, Viagra is on your side, and so are the statistics and facts about the substance – and that fear-mongering and anxiety related to how delicate the nature of the problem is, those are not on your side at all.

Stay on the safe side: how to buy Viagra online

One may also be put off from becoming healthier and happier with the help of a proper, working treatment, by the many illegal and quite often counterfeit versions of Viagra that are commonly sold in Australia, and, even more commonly, announced online. Once already facing a stressful problem like erectile dysfunction, it’s very important to remember to not despair and end up creating yet another problem to yourself by risking legal issues, or, much worse, decaying your health further. No matter what they can promise you, or how an ad can embellish the situation and make it attractive, buying the medication from a registered, legitimate source like, with a doctor prescription, is an outstanding, safe bet to make worries and complications leave your life for good, and help you go back to experience love and pleasure unworried.

Viagra: Important things to know before you make the change of your life.

Buy Viagra In Sydney Australia

When Viagra was discovered twenty years ago as a happy accident by a group of scientists who were trying to test the benefits of sildenafil (the active component of it) for patients with high blood pressure and chronic chest pains, the whole thing ended up having a cultural and societal impact that was quite impossible to predict, or even imagine before it happened. The amount of worry a person has to experience when they are still desirous to have sex and somehow find themselves simply not able to – be it because of age complications, or any other problems they may experience at pretty much any age – is one of those things we can say we shouldn’t wish on our worst enemies. So to see a chance of that being overcome had a huge impact on society and culture.
Television shows couldn’t stop making jokes, or exploring the possibilities for drama around these types of situations, celebrity interviews mentioned it constantly, in all contexts imaginable, radio shows wouldn’t leave it alone, cartoon strips printed its name thousands of times. It was impossible to go anywhere without hearing about Viagra.

Viagra popularity in Australia

On top of all that, Viagra even responded very well to most of the expectations generated by all that cultural bubbling. The medicine did deliver, and still does, everything it promises. Around 80% of the patients in Australia who try to treat their erectile dysfunction with it have success, which is a striking number compared to a lot of successful medications in general out there.
Even Michael Douglas, quite an incomparable example of older man attractiveness and stereotypical masculinity, endorsed the product not in the detached form of advertising it, but admitting his own dependence on it to remain active and present in his love life with his decades younger wife Catherine Zeta-Jones, also a very relevant sex symbol.

So Viagra is, both in people’s consciousness and in actuality, the go-to solution when it comes to sexual impotence. What has been discussed many times, though, are the reasons why even if it is in every way a success, Viagra and the usage of sildenafil in general as other similar medications, did not cause the huge social shift that was expected of it when such a ground-breaking solution was proposed. Many men still suffer with impotence problems and don’t seek treatment, or continue to look into other alternative solutions ranging as far as folk medicine, instead of the straight-forward solution offered by Viagra.

The question has been discussed many times, often citing the fear of its side-effects – which can in rare cases range from vision related problems, blood pressure complications, persistent erections for prolonged, undesirable amounts of time -, the social stigma of a man having to resort to a measure like that, and, even sociological studies suggesting that the way the companies selling the product advertised it, by reinforcing the idea of needing a sexual erection in order to feel masculine, actually added to that stigma and made some men more afraid to seek that solution by having that stereotype pushed on their faces, working counter-intuitive to the intention of the marketing campaigns. And another issue raised by medicine professionals is that the steep regulation and the elevated prices in places such as the UK and Australia pushes users to go seek for help in the black market, increasing their chances of having adverse reactions.

So it is an interesting turn of events for a product once hailed as almost miraculous, and now still a huge success but, as is usually the case with huge cultural or marketing phenomena, falling short of its hype in many ways. We may never know if this is just the natural life of mass culture, or a question specific to Viagra and its relation to such a delicate problem for many people’s psyche that is erectile dysfunction.

Still remains the fact that most patients are satisfied with their results and had their lives improved by the product, and that taking Viagra with the right prescriptions from a doctor, in a regular and legal way, is the surest way to prolong or reinstate the sexual activities of a man dealing with the burden of sexual impotence.

Kamagra in Melbourne – 2019

Kamagra in Melbourne – 2019

Kamagra Oral Jelly: Stimulation to arouse and stimulate the moment!

Hello,I want to talk with you that is reading my text, about Kamagra oral Jelly, the, in my opinion, best option for men in terms of erectile dysfunction.

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First of all, I must tell my story about how this product has helped me daily on my sexual life.

Im married since twenty years ago, and that its a lot of time, my wife was quite happy when we first got to meet each other, we had sex for years without stop and that was the best period of my life, but since ten years ago, already ten years into our marriage, my penis simply couldn’t go up anymore as it used to, of course this was not out of nowhere, it took quite a few years for this situation to take fully form as it was, it was bad as Im telling you now; sex life got from extremely active, to nothing at all, mostly once or twice every two weeks, and this with a not fully erect penis, so she was not happy.

In the beginning she did generics all throughout, but as years got by, she couldn’t generic anymore, and we simply didn’t had any sex in a full month, and that was when I lost all sexual confidence and even though she was cheating on me, and to be fully sincere, I wouldn’t blame her, she is a beautiful women with a lot of sexual appetite, so she needs a lot of sex to keep her happy.

Happily for me, she is a wonderful women, so nothing happened, and we had the final talk; after hours of conversation I finally was able to be a real men and go out to look for some solution, and Kamagra oral jelly was it.

It made my penis go up again, after years of bad activity, and my confidence got up to. We now have sex all weeks several times, and thats amazing considering how many years we have in our marriage, and all thanks to Kamagra oral jelly, the real one medicine for men in terms of sexual activity and pleasure on bed, take it and I promise that your marriage will be happy as it was the beginning.

In the beginning it will probably feel weird, since you don’t even now what it is to have sex again, but in no time you’ll feel as a sixteen all over again, and I surely did.

If you wish to know more just research it online and you’ll find all the description on the product, but about side effects I had none in my use, and still don’t have, and Im using it for quite some time, almost ten years now, even my wife approves it, Kamagra oral jelly.

I’m now in the end of my 50 years old, and wish to continue using it for the rest of my life, even my dad uses now, I told him about how my wife is happy, and even he noticed it way before I had to say anything, so his sexual life is strong again, Im even afraid of having another brother!

But take some risks too, Cancers of all kinds (leukemia, lung cancer, melanomas, etc.), Diabetes (although this depends on the patient’s doctor), Hypertension (depends on the doctor too), End-stage renal disease, Age below 18 (patients younger than the mentioned age are not allowed to take the medication), Age above 65 (patients older than 65 are typically not allowed to take PDE5 inhibitors), Being female (females are not allowed to take Kamagra because it won’t work), they have some versions of medications too.