Cialis Side Effects

Sexually satisfaction is an important part of relationships and marriages. It is the duty of both the partners to satisfy each other sexually to avoid running into sex-related relationship problems. For men, being sexually active means one must be able to hold an erection for a long time. Not each and every man can achieve this. The inability to have an active erection for a considerable duration is called erectile dysfunction (ED). Erectile dysfunction is usually corrected by taking medications that improve blood flow into the penis’ blood vessels. Erection occurs when these vessels are filled with blood. Cialis Soft is an example of ED correction drugs.

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Cialis soft can be used by the 120 million males worldwide suffering from erectile dysfunction. Atherosclerosis, diabetes, and old age are known to cause ED. Men who are above 50 years old tend to be prone to ED. However, like any other drug, the use of Cialis is also associated with side effects. Below are the common ones:

Cialis can last for two days

Cialis usually start working just 16 minutes of taking unlike medications such as Viagra that take over one hour to kick in. However, the Cialis is known to last extremely long. In most individuals, the drug will be active in their blood for at least 24 hrs. Although this can be advantageous for people who are taking a weekend off work to satisfy their partners, it will be annoying to those who take it during weekdays as they will spend the next day with frequent erections.

Cialis builds up in the body

The medication has an estimated half-life of about 17 hours. This means that 35 hours after taking the drug, an individual will still have 25% of the drug still in his blood. If a person takes the medication daily, the drug would quickly build up in his blood until he reaches the steady state in just less than one week. One should take the medication less often to avoid this.

Other Side Effects

Cialis Soft is also known to cause headaches, back pain, muscle cramps, and stomach upset. However, these side effects are temporary and will wear off as soon as the effect of the drug wears off from the individual. The drug can also cause priapism and reduced vision.

Use of Cialis Soft is associated with side effects such as buildup in blood, back pain, muscle cramps, headache, reduced vision, and priapism. The effect of the drug also lasts over 24 hours in most individuals. It is important to visit a doctor if the side effects do not vanish in 36 hours of taking the drug.

Generic Cialis review

Cialis also known by its generic name; tadalafil is a prescription drug for men. It is used to treat impotence also referred to as erectile dysfuntion (ED). It is prescribed under the name Adcirca to treat pulmonary arterial hypertension. Additionally, Cialis is approved to treat the symptoms of enlarged prostate a condition known as benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH).

Generic Cialis online

Generic Cialis online

How it works

Generic Cialis does not make a man be aroused sexually, it is only effective when a man is already sexually aroused. When a man becomes sexually stimulated, nitric oxide (NO) is released from the nervous system in the penis erectile tissue. Nitric oxide in turn stimulates an enzyme that produces cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP) which relaxes and smoothens the muscle cells.

This results to the dilation of the arteries in the penis making blood to flow more easily. It also fills the erectile tissue with blood. These two actions leads to a firm erection. Cialis maintains the level of cGMP in turn increasing the flow of blood to the penis and hence enabling you to hold an erection for a longer period.

Cialis Interactions

Before using Cialis, you should confirm if your heart is healthy enough for a sexual activity. Also, you should not take this drug if you are on any prescriptions that contains nitrates as it can lead to a sudden drop in blood pressure.

Do not take any alcoholic drink in excess when using Cialis.

Cialis Dosage

Cialis are yellow film coated and almond shaped tablets available in 5, 10 and 20 mg

The daily dosage is available in 2.5 and 5 mg.

For erectile dysfunction, the recommended dosage is 1omg that should be taken 30 minutes before sexual intercourse. The dosage can be decreased to 5mg or increased to 20mg based of tolerability and efficacy.

This dosage should be taken the same time daily

For benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), the right dosage is 5mg that should also be taken the same time daily.

Cialis Overdose

There is a temptation of taking more of this drug that you are supposed to improve sexual performance but it can lead to certain complications such as pain or numbness during sexual intercourse. If this happens, you should immediately seek emergency help.

Side effects of Cialis

Similar to all other drugs, Cialis has several side effects some of which are mild and disappear with time while others require medical attention.

Common side effects

  • Runny or stuffy nose
  • Flushing
  • Acid reflux
  • Burping
  • Indigestion
  • Stomach discomfort and mild pain
  • Back pain
  • Muscle aches
  • Headache

More severe side effects

  • Sudden hearing loss
  • Lightheadedness
  • Shortness of breath
  • Chest pain and irregular heartbeat
  • Vision Impairment
  • Prolonged erection

A patient should contact a physician if he experiences any of the severe side effects.

The best place to buy

Bio Cialis maybe available in local stores, but the official website is the best place to buy. This ensures that you only genuine product together with a guarantee of a 90 Day Money Back by the manufacturers.

Why you should try Viagra

Regaining the ability to enjoy an awesome sex is not an ordinary occasion. Putting to an end the psychological trauma that might have lasted for an extended period is something men are celebrating, thanks to ED (erectile dysfunction) pills that bring love back in the bedroom. Erectile dysfunction is a condition affecting most of the men all over the world, men with this condition can’t maintain an erection long enough to reach ejaculation or satisfy the partner. After a comprehensive research, medical practitioners came up with ED drugs and one of these drugs is Viagra.

Order Viagra in Sydney

Order Viagra in Sydney

Viagra is one of the champions in the arena of erectile dysfunction drugs. Millions of men are using the drug today putting and to their problems. Although it’s highly priced the effectiveness of this drug can’t be given a blind eye and at the same time there is generic Viagra which is much cheaper, it’s the best option for buyers on a budget.

Despite the big difference in the price of brand Viagra and the generic they function the same way. The difference in prices is as a result of marketing and sales campaigns put in place for effective marketing process; these costs are reflected in the final price of Viagra but for the generic Viagra, small and inexpensive marketing campaigns make the drug a cheaper alternative.

Purchasing Viagra is one of the easiest tasks as with a few clicks in the web a buyer can place an order and have it delivered to the desired location.

The impacts of Viagra will last for about four hours, the users will have a steady erection during this period when they get sexual excitement and the erection will stop when the sexual action ceases. The effectiveness of Viagra increases when taken on an empty stomach thus users should not take a heavy meal before using the medication as it will lower the effectiveness. The drug is only used prior sex and users are advised to take only a single dose in 24 hours.

The dosage of Viagra is best indicated by the user’s doctor or a medical specialist. Usually, the user is recommended to start with a lower dosage and if the body reaction is good then the users can take a higher dosage. Some medical conditions like diabetes and blood pressure can prevent the user from taking Viagra as the reactions may by dangerous to the user’s health.

How to safely take Cialis drug


Cialis was introduced in the year 2003 and since then it has become a hit among its users. It was no surprise that it become the second most sold drag after Viagra. Although it works like other drugs such as levitra and Viagra, it is unique in its way. It has distinct formulation that makes it work efficiently and well.

Cialis in Australia

The drug can work for more than 36 hours that is more times than other drugs that work for four to five hours.However, there things that you should know before you run and buy the drug. Cialis works faster than other drugs in its class, it is estimated once taken, you will only take thirty minutes before you start feeling the effects.

Doctors recommend that you take the drug thirty minutes before you engage in any sexual activity. The dose will take you up to thirty six hours, and that is the main reason that it has been nicknamed the weekend drug; because men can take it on a Friday and still feel the effects of the drug on Sunday.

There are two ways that you can take that drug, you can opt to take it in the order of need basis and you can also take it in small dosage. That is taking it daily and you will be amazed how it will improve your erectile dysfunction. When taking the drug, keep in mind that it should be taken the exact time that you started the dose.

You can also take cialis with other foods or alcohol but you must consult your doctor. However, in other cases the drug might react badly when it is taken with alcohol and other foods such as grapefruits. Grapefruits tend to amplify the side effects of cialis and it can lead to severe complications later.

There are certain cases that the drug when taken with alcohol can lead to headache, dizziness and lightheadedness; that is why you should see you doctor and learn on how your immune composition can react with the drug.

You will get the opportunity to tell your doctor on other allergies that you have, and other chronic disease that have suffered before. If you have heart related issues, it is wise that you keep off from the doctor because it can lead to death. You can have a calendar that you tick to keep monitor of the days that you have taken it. This is to avoid taking an overdose.

Buy Cialis soft in Melbourne online

Walking into a local pharmacy and asking the pharmacist, who maybe knows you, to sell you Erectile Dysfunction pills is not an option a lot of men will take. Back to the other side of the bedroom, a man suffering from erectile dysfunction will be disturbed psychologically, and his life will be in ruins, these two above options aren’t good enough for any man, so what the solution for that man who he want to bring back love in the bedroom and win his partner back, does he have to endure the shame of walking from one pharmacy to the other asking for ED pills? The answer is probably no and again, does he have to live with this problem? The good news is no. Today we have online drug stores selling ED pills and purchasing is as easy as clicking a few buttons on the web and having your pills delivered. The questions remain, which reactions will the user expect and what are the side effects? Which dosage does the user take? Which is the best online store?

Buy Cialis soft in Melbourne online

Buy Cialis soft in Melbourne online

In this article, I walk through the process of purchasing Cialis soft online step by step. Cialis soft is one of the most recognized ED pills; it has been praised by men for giving a way to solve the problem of erectile dysfunction. Cialis soft pill has Tadalafil which is a PDE5, it functions by blocking this enzyme and increasing blood flow in the penis. This drug is taken prior sexual action to give men a lasting erection and enables them to enjoy the sex.

The first step to purchasing this drug is identifying genuine online drug store and selecting the best. Selecting a genuine dealer is crucial, many drug stores will sell cheap but low-quality drugs, you should avoid them and look for a store that sells the right quality Cialis soft and a reasonable price. Counterfeit drugs will have adverse effects on your health and no one wants that, avoid the cheap sources as you may spend much more money trying to correct the damages made to your health.

After identifying a genuine dealer go ahead and place an order and the medication will be delivered to your desired location, mostly your home.

Cialis soft will come in different dosages, the best thing to do is start with a small dosage. Before you even use this drug you should consult your doctor to give you the suitable dosage. You should not get into a habit of using more than a dosage in a day.

Cialis soft will have mild side effects that usually last for a short while and the user can manage these side effects easily but if they continue for long, you should consult a doctor.

Purchasing Cialis soft online is easy and convenient thus the best option to go with and solve your erectile dysfunction problem.