Cialis personal review

 Cialis review“I began my journey of finding ED relief about one year ago. My sex life had been idle for around eight months after medical complications and losing a loved one, and upon returning to the bedroom I discovered that things had changed! My first comeback was rather a disappointment, there confidence but my member was not backing me up! My pride quickly turned to embarrassment. I was all talk at this point! This needed to change, and fast. Knowing that there was a lot that went on the past year, perhaps my mental state had an effect on my body. I decided to take charge, and create a routine of things I enjoyed, including outings to interact with people. I took self time and tried to be happy again. The problem was that the sex was a huge part of my life. It gave me confidence, stress relief, a bit of cardio and most importantly a huge grin! There’s nothing like the feeling after I have sex. The world is limitless. After about a month of trying to regain my sanity I decided to visit my doctor. They said that erectile dysfunction was common in men my age regardless of the cause. He did an examination to rule out direct medical causes, and proceeded to bring up the conversation of medicine for my problem. Introduced to me was the medication Cialis, and we agreed to start the dose at 5 mg daily. Other options for the future included buying Generic Cialis as needed at 2-4 weeks before an encounter. I didn’t want to do this because I didn’t expect when my sexual encounters were going to occur. I wanted to be ready to go like I used to! I took my medication everyday and started to see results at just about three weeks. Not only could I tell a difference even when alone, but I my first encounter (since my failed night of passion) brought my mind to ease again. I wish I would’ve known how good the next couple weeks were going to be after, I would’ve had the utmost confidence. These nights turned into something like a fling with this woman but it got me back on my game. I’m glad that I brought up the subject before it tore me down more, I never knew that sex was such a big part of my life until this happened. I can’t wait until I have another relationship, now with the insight from before and my body back to normal. Much credit goes to Tadalafil for regaining my happiness and confidence and most importantly, getting back to life.”