What helps erectile dysfunction?

What helps erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a condition that will inevitably effect 85t o 95% of the male population at some point. In fact, new cases of erectile problems are being reported at an alarming rate. Upwards of seven million men every year are experiencing the crippling effects of erectile dysfunction. That’s almost 60,000 men each and every month. Keep in mind this number only represents people who have actually come forward with their issue. It’s safe to assume at least the same number of men are affected and don’t report their issue.

Kamagra vs VIagra

Considering the sheer number of cases, it’s safe to say that treating erectile dysfunction is a multi-billion dollar a year business. Now, this is great for big business but it’s terrible for men looking for help. The biggest complaint men have about most erectile treatment medications is that is just too darn expensive. A month supply of Viagra alone can cost a man upwards of $1,000 with a limited time window for use. This can and has been a really frustrating reality for men suffering from erectile dysfunction until now. Men living in Australia have discovered a medication that is cheap and very effective. Today we will be talking about Kamagra Oral Jelly.

Kamagra & Viagra: what is difference?

Kamagra oral jelly is a relatively new medication that has been modeled after popular drugs like Viagra. However, it was not designed to have any of the downsides. For example, the standard wait time for Viagra to work is about an hour, more if you have food in your system. In addition to that, the medication only lasts about 4 hours. This leaves a very small window of time to plan your sexual escapades. I think we can all agree that sex is probably the last thing on the planet that can be timed perfectly. While Viagra is great for treating erectile dysfunction, it certainly got its flaws in terms of timing.

Kamagra oral jelly works similarly to Viagra but with two very distinct differences. First, the medication becomes active within 10 minutes of ingestion. The reason for this quick absorption into the system is because the medication comes in a satchel rather than a pill. Once the outer shell is dissolved the liquid inside starts to react. The second change is the length of time the medication lasts. Officially the medication has been clocked at lasting roughly five to six hours. However, a fair number of men have reported it last upwards of 9 hours. This is perfect for the majority of men that are having erectile issues. There are no embarrassing waiting periods nor is there any sense of needing to rush something that was not meant to be rushed in the first place.

Another benefit Kamagra oral jelly has over most medications is that it does not require a prescription at all. If you felt like giving Kamagra oral jelly a try right now you could just do a search and click buy now. For men that like to keep their issues private, that means no embarrassing visits or consultations with their doctors. One of the main reasons men don’t report their problems is due to embarrassment. Kamagra oral jelly removes that issue, so if you are thinking of giving Kamagra oral jelly a try you should.

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