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Pattern hair loss in men is a fairly common condition. In many cases the man will experience thinning of the hair on the scalp. The increase of hair thinning often leads to a receding hairline and sometimes it may even cause balding at the top if the head. This condition although not life threatening can have a great impact on the life of a man and his self- esteem. No one particularly likes having a bald head and especially when you have been witnessing your hair fall out with little or nothing you can do about it.

Buy Propecia 1mg in Australia

Buy Propecia 1mg in Australia

Propecia is a medication that prevents the body from converting testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT). It is used to treat pattern hair loss for men on the vertex and the anterior mid scalp area.

How to take the medication

Propecia is a prescription drug and the dosage of how much you should take should be recommended by the doctor. You should make sure that you do not take the medication longer that the recommended period and that you avoid taking more than the recommended dosage. You should take it with a glass full of water, with or without food. It is also recommended that you take the medication at the same time everyday. Taking the medication regularly, daily for three months for example, increases the chances of you seeing the results.

If the treatment has not worked for you after continuous usage for twelve months, it is highly unlikely that any more dosage will work you you.

Side effects

Any hair that is gained while on the drug will be lost after twelve months of discontinuation. Other side effects include:

– Trouble reaching orgasm, impotence or loss of interest in sex

– Breast tenderness

– Swelling of the limbs

– Weakness and dizziness

– Headaches

– Abnormal ejaculations

– Skin rash

– Runny nose

Most of the sexual problems may continue even after you have stopped using the medication.


Propecia is strictly for use by men only. Women and children should not use the drug. In fact, the drug should not be handles by a woman who is pregnant or trying to be pregnant. The drug is coated so the women will not be in contact with the active ingredient. However, if a woman comes into contact with a crushed or broken form of the medication, they should wash immediately with soap and running water. Propecia contains finesteride, which may be absorbed through the skin.

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