How to purchase Viagra online?

How to purchase Viagra online?

Viagra is a pharmaceutical drug (officially referred to as Sildenafil) which is typically used to treat erectile dysfunction (the loss of ability to complete intercourse due to unsatisfactory erections), but has also been used to treat pulmonary arterial hypertension. To date, it has not been shown to help treat women’s sexual dysfunction. Viagra has proven to be an extremely effective drug for men suffering from erectile dysfunction. It works for all cases, regardless of the severity.

Side effects

Common side effects include nasal congestion, impaired vision, headaches, indigestion, and flushing. While rare, possible side effects include prolonged erections, heart attacks, low blood pressure, hearing loss, and ventricular arrhythmias. Individuals currently on protease inhibitors (used to treat HIV infections) should exercise extreme care when taking Viagra, and limit their Viagra dosing to 25mg ever 48 hours. Viagra should be taken under no circumstances by individuals who are using nitrates (nitroglycerin) as this could result in a fatal drops in blood pressure. While some individuals who do not suffer from erectile dysfunction take Viagra recreationally, this has not proven to have any effect on the quality of their erections. Viagra was originally discovered by Pfizer scientists, Nicholas ferret, DavidBrown, and Andrew Bell. It was initially intended to be used as treatment for a number of cardiovascular diseases. It was first introduced to the market in 1998, and has since become part of pop culture due its global popularity. Its top two competitors are vardenafil (under the brand name Levitra) and tadafil (under the brand name Cialis). Viagra operates by utilizing Nitric Oxide which binds to Guanylate Cyclase Receptors in the penis, which relaxes muscles of the Helicon Arteries, and thereby increases blood flow to the penis, causing a sustained erection. There are two principle methods of administration: swallowing the pill, or putting the pill under the tongue. The former leads to an erection in 12-70 minutes (27 minutes on average) and the latter leads to an erection in 15 minutes and lasts approximately 40 minutes. However, it is possible to find mouth spray versions of Viagra which have an even faster onset.


How to purchase Viagra?

Individuals living in Australia who would like to purchase Viagra, can potentially do so online. Websites such as all offer Viagra for purchase. Also you may buy generic versions of the drug, which are often cheaper.  It is therefore crucial that individuals planning on purchasing Viagra from an unknown source perform adequate due diligence to ensure that the medication they are purchasing is indeed Viagra. Additionally, due to the potentially harmful nature of viagra (if taken in combination with other drugs), and the fact that erectile disfunction if often a sign of medical issues that need to be addressed, it is strongly recommended that you visit your general practitioner and receive a prescription and prognosis.

A prescription will ensure the original drug is bought, and that any underlying issues are addressed. While it is also possible to buy Sildenafil over the counter at certain Pharmacies across Australia, it’s unlikely that these would be under the brand name Viagra, but rather generic versions of the same drug.

Generic Viagra in Australia

Viagra helps men with erectile dysfunction, by relaxing muscles to make it easier for blood to flow to the targeted area. You only have to take the medicine when needed, you do not have to take it every day. and it should not be taken in larger or smaller doses then what your doctor prescribes. You may take it 30 minutes or 1 hour before intercourse. Its not advised to take it more then once daily. Sometimes viagra can cause you to lose eyesight for a little bit, thats one of the side events, its not recommended to take viagra if you have heart problems, or if you are taking certain medicines. Its also advised to not eat grapefruits or consume alcohol while taking viagra, as it can cause or increase your risk for certain side effects. If you have chest pains then you should go to the DR in Sydney or Melbourne. Immediately. Just taking the pills will not cause an “erection”. Theres other things you have to do to get one. In other words you have to be sexually aroused for the medicine to work properly, because the medicine itself doesn’t make you aroused, it just helps the blood flow to the penis, and opens them up more. As of right now its not available for women to use.

Generic Viagra in Australia

Generic Viagra in Australia

Viagra dosage

there are 3 different doses available for the medicine which is 25 MG. 50MG and 100MG , everyone is different so a lower dose might help some, but wont help others. its very important to speak to your doctor about which one you should use. Its recommended that you take the medicine 8 times before asking for a different medicine or upping the dosage., because the medicine might not work the first few times that you take it . Alot of people have used viagra says it works “great” While other says it hasn’t helped them at all, and are currently taking a different medicine, to help control and eliminate their erectile dysfunction. If you want a healthier sex life, then the first medicine in line would be the Viagra, and if that doesn’t work after taking the medicine 8 times, you can THEN speak to you’re doctor about switching medicines. Some side effects are bad and some are very mild, if you have any side effects no matter how severe, its advise to bring up the symptoms to your doctor, so they can tell you if you need to continue the medicine or not.

Side effects and Precautions

If you experience any heart related pain, or symptoms of being dizzy, passing out, or feeling like your having a heart attack, stop taking the medicine immediately. People taking certain medicines for chest pains, or for diabetes, should tell their doctor, before the doctor prescribes this medicine to them, because the medicine could have some serious side effects if mixed together.