What You Need to Know about Levitra – The Erectile Dysfunction Remedy

What is Levitra?

Levitra, also known as Vardenafil is a drug that helps the muscles of blood vessels walls to relax as well as maximizing the flow of blood to various parts of the body. It is a medication that is used to remedy erectile dysfunction condition or the otherwise known as impotence.


There are certain medications that should not be taken with Levitra. This is because such medication can lead to a serious and sudden decrease in pressure of your blood. You should, therefore, not take this medication while taking a nitrate drug or riociguat at the same time.

In case you encounter a sudden loss of vision while using Levitra, you should get emergency medical help. In addition, if your erection becomes painful, you should contact your doctor or look for emergency medical help. You should do the same if you experience an erection that is longer than four hours. This is very critical since your penis can be damaged by a prolonged erection. If you experience tingling, pain or numbness in your chest, neck, jaw, arms, feel nauseated or dizzy while under the influence of this great medication during sexual intercourse, you should stop immediately and seek urgent medical attention. This is because these are signs of adverse side effects.

Buy Levitra tablets in Australia now

Buy Levitra tablets in Australia now

Prior to having this medication:

If you are allergic to Levitra, you should avoid it completely. The only way to know if you are allergic to Vardenafil, is by visiting a qualified medical practitioner who will examine you and give a valid report. This report will guide on whether you can use Levitra or not. To determine if you can take Levitra or not, you should inform your doctor if you have the following conditions.

· Heart rhythm problems, heart diseases

· Seizures

· Low or high blood pressure

· Kidney disease or liver disease

· Stomach ulcer

· Hemophilia

· Blood cells disorder

· Eye disorder

If you have these conditions among others, you should be open to your doctor for them to determine if it is safe for you to have Levitra. Levitra can reduce the flow of blood to the optic nerve of your eye and this can result in loss of vision suddenly. A small number of people have experienced this problem. However, all the people who experienced it had pre-existing problems with their eyes. It is why you should get examined first before using Levitra. The Levitra medication is mostly taken by men and not women. However, it is not known to be harmful to unborn babies.

How you should take Levitra

You should always follow your doctor’s prescription while taking Levitra. You should not take it in small amounts or large amounts or for a longer period of time than your doctor recommends. However, it is a medication that can be taken regardless of whether you have taken food or not. You should take it an hour before an intended sexual activity. You should, therefore, only take it when you need it. It helps you attain an erection when you are sexually stimulated. To get an erection under its influence, you should follow your doctor’s advice, as it will not just happen by taking the pill.

Side effects

Below are some of the side effects that you might experience after taking Levitra. For the adverse side effects, you should stop and call your doctor immediately. The common side effects go away after some time.

Common side effects

· Stuffy nose

· Stomach upset

· Back pain

· Flushing

· Dizziness, headache

Adverse side effects

· Sudden hearing ability, ringing in your ears

· Vision changes

· Heart attack

· Breath shortness

· Swelling in your ankles, feet or hands

· Seizure

· Irregular heartbeat

Levitra is readily available in chemists in Australia. Buy Levitra in Australia after consulting your doctor or physician. However, you should not just buy it from anywhere, but only in chemists that are licensed in order to take the right and original Levitra home. It is sold at a pocket-friendly price that is affordable to anyone interested it. If you want to resolve an erectile dysfunction, buy Levitra in Australia today.

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